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Why Are Eyelash Extensions So Expensive?

Why Are Eyelash Extensions So Expensive

You know, I’m sure it’s not just lash stylists who get asked this question. Maybe you have a friend who has never had them before, and can’t believe how much you paid for the lush black fluffiness on your eyelids.

Or maybe your partner asked, when you disclosed how much you spent on beauty treatments this month. Or maybe, even though you know it’s totally worth it, you’ve been wondering yourself. So, let me tell you!


Like any other business, a lash salon (even a home-based studio) has a number of overhead and running costs. It could be rent, body corporate fees, electricity and phone bills: the very basics. Many lash stylists also pay for the convenience of an online booking software, which allows clients to make their own appointments in their own time – even at 1am!

These systems are usually not free, and the more stylists pay, the higher quality system they can get. And a good booking system makes things easier for you! Another thing to take into account is marketing costs, such as creating a logo and printing business cards.

Insurance, Licences & Registrations

Depending on where their salon is based, lash stylists may have to pay for council registration, or perhaps need a special licence to operate in their state or country. Also, it is imperative that all lash stylists have current and high-quality insurance, for the protection of themselves and their clients. It’s not just one type of insurance required, either: for many stylists, there may be a few different policies that they need to take out to be adequately covered. A word of warning: a lash stylist who is not properly insured is not a lash stylist you should be spending your money with.

Product & Equipment

You may think that all a lash stylist needs is a bed, some lashes and a bit of lash glue, but unfortunately that’s not the case. There are hundreds of different variants of eyelash extension types (lengths, thicknesses, curls) that a lash stylist will need to keep in stock to ensure they have the right lashes for every client they see.

Eyelash extension glue also needs to be replaced monthly (if it doesn’t run out before then!) and stylists will usually have a few different types for different client needs, plus spares. There’s also primer, cleanser, the disposable wands and tissues, tape – the list goes on. Aside from the consumables, stylists also need to have a number of different sets of tweezers to apply the lashes, as well as a reliable and safe way of cleaning them.

There’s also linen that needs to be laundered and sanitised, or other disposable hygiene items that are used for every single client. Of course, like almost everything else, the higher-quality products come with a higher price tag. A lash stylist who uses cheap products will usually find that their clients’ extensions simply don’t last.

Education & Skill

With the industry constantly changing and growing, a good lash stylist will know the importance of keeping their skills up to date. There are so many different lash courses available to lash stylists to upskill so that they can continue to provide the most advanced and up-to-date service for their clients. These courses can be expensive, but also require stylists to take time out of salon to attend them, which is a further cost to them. And then, once they are trained, lash stylists need to take time to practice their new skills before they can take on paying clients.

Lash stylists who continue to educate themselves and upskill will naturally want to charge more for their expertise. Consider your lash stylist’s skill level, and the amount of time it has taken him or her to achieve this. Master Lash Stylists such as Joy have spent years and years learning and perfecting their craft.


If you’ve had quality eyelash extensions applied before, you will already know that the application of your first full set took quite a while. A new set of eyelash extensions will take anywhere from one to four hours to apply. Even the fastest lash stylists need at least an hour to apply a set of Classic eyelash extensions, and a master volume lash stylist will spend three to four hours on a 4D+ set.

This is because each individual natural eyelash needs to be separated from the ones surrounding it, and an individual eyelash extension (or volume fan) applied. A client can have anywhere from 60 – 200 eyelashes per eye! Lash stylists will also spend time preparing your lashes, measuring them and mapping out the design they’re going to create, and checking through once they’ve finished applying to make sure every single extension is perfect.

Add to that the preparation and clean up time, and you can see why sometimes lash stylists may only see two or three clients in one day. If lash stylists don’t charge properly for their services, this may mean that on those days, they make very little, or no profit at all.

Lash Modelling

If you’d like to try eyelash extensions, but the initial cost of a full set is out of your budget, you are welcome to come to LashJoy Academy to be an eyelash extension model for Joy’s students.
We run courses a few times a month, so we are always looking for models for classic and volume eyelash extensions.

The only cost is a small deposit to secure your booking, which is refunded to you the week after the course. All student work is carefully monitored and checked by LashJoy Academy educators. For information about upcoming dates and how to book, get in touch with us via Facebook, Instagram, or via our contact form!