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When You’re Expecting Eyelash Extensions

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Eyelash Extensions

So, you’ve done your research, chosen a salon, decided on your set, and finally booked your first ever lash appointment.  Welcome to your newest addiction!  Eyelash extensions are going to change your life! Your first time trying something new is always going to be a bit nerve-wracking, especially if you don’t really know exactly what’s going to happen.  So, we’ve put together this guide for you – consider it your What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Eyelash Extension Edition.

Before Your Appointment

The Boring Stuff

Once you’ve made your booking and paid your deposit to secure it, you’ll start receiving booking confirmations and reminders via text and email from our booking system. These messages contain lots of important information (such as the time of your appointment!), and there are a couple of forms sent via links in the email which you will need to fill out before you attend.

Clean Your Lashes

It’s a good idea to pop into the salon and pick up an eyelash extension-approved cleanser, and use this daily for a few days before your appointment. This will ensure that there is no product build-up remaining, which may prevent the glue from properly bonding to your natural lashes.

On the Day


For your first appointment, it’s a good idea to arrive 5-10 minutes early to allow you enough time to complete your paperwork. We need to know about any allergies or sensitivities you might have! You’ll also be asked to wash your hands, and cleanse your lashes with our eyelash cleanser one more time. This is for COVID safety, but also to make sure your lashes are as clean as possible before we begin.

Styling Consultation

Your stylist will ask you some questions about how you would like your eyelash extensions to look, such as:

  • Do you want them to be longer, thicker, or a bit of both? And;
  • Would you like your extensions to be very curly, or more natural-looking? Have a think about this before you come in, but if you’re not sure, our lash stylists are experts and will be able to guide you.

Getting Started

Once you get comfortable on one of our cozy beds, your lash stylist will begin by taking photos of your eyelashes for her reference. She will also put in some eyedrops to keep your eyes lubricated and protected, and then eyepads and medical tape will be placed underneath your eyes to protect your skin, and secure your bottom lashes out of the way. She will then apply a primer for a final cleanse and prep of your lashes, and to help your extensions last as long as possible. And then – finally! – it’s time to start applying the extensions!


Applying extensions is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of skill and concentration from your stylist, so even though we love to chat, it’s best to keep conversation to a minimum as this allows your stylist to work faster. Also, when you talk, you quite often move without realising, and this can make your lash stylist’s job much more difficult. Your appointment can take anywhere from one to three hours, so get comfortable and feel free to doze off if you want to!  Just make sure you’ve put your phone on silent and do not disturb for ultimate relaxation. Once you’ve begun, you can’t open your eyes, and your stylist won’t be able to answer your phone or read text messages to you.

Finishing Up

Once your stylist has checked her work to make sure no extensions are stuck together, she will fan off your lashes to help set the glue and stop your eyes from stinging when you open them. She will also explain to you the important aftercare information. And then it’s time to open your eyes and examine your beautiful new lashes! If they aren’t exactly what you had in mind, don’t be concerned – we can easily make adjustments to length, curl and thickness at your first refill!

On Your Way Out

When you are finished, your stylist will give you a brush for your lashes, and a card with all of your aftercare information.  She will also give you some recommendations about when you should come back for your first refill, and how long to book for.  We encourage you to make your next appointment before you leave, otherwise you may miss out! If you haven’t already got one at home, now is the time to grab an eyelash extension-approved cleanser, too.  You need to use this every day to avoid product and bacteria building up around the base of your lashes.

After Your Appointment

There’s no need to worry about keeping your eyelashes dry for a certain amount of time – once you’ve left your appointment, it’s ok to get them wet! Just avoid swimming in chlorinated water, or using a sauna or steam room, for the first 48 hours. There are a few things that will affect your eyelash extensions, such as excessive sweating, creamy/oily cosmetic products, facials and even some medications. Make sure you read your aftercare information, and wash your lashes every day with your lash cleanser. And that’s it!  We hope this helps you feel a bit more comfortable about visiting Brisbane Lashes for the first time.  And as always, if you have any questions – get in touch!