Brisbane Lashes

Brow Artistry

Never underestimate the power of amazing Eyebrows

Let our award-winning team of Master Brow Artists work their magic to create a unique and beautiful brow design that has been customised just for you.

  • Lamination w/Design $149

    Lamination with design for brows with impact! Lamination will re-shape your brows to create height and dimension. Includes a full sculpt with wax and/or tweezing and a custom colour. Please call us to organise a patch test 48 hours prior to your appointment.

  • New Brow Design w/Tint $89

    A complete brow overhaul – we will shape your brows into the most flattering shape for you, and colour them with tint for a more natural finish.

  • New Brow Design w/Dye or Henna $105

    A complete brow overhaul – we will shape your brows into the most flattering shape for you, and colour them with dye or henna for a bolder look.

  • Brow Tidy w/Tint $80

    A maintenance appointment for our existing brow clients. Cannot be more than 4 weeks after previous visit.

  • Tweeze to Please $30

    For clients who are unable to wax. We will use tweezers only to shape your brows; no wax or colour.

  • Brow Tint $39

    Have your brows freshened up with a custom colour! Tint colours the hairs with minimum skin shadow for a more natural look. (No hair removal included).

  • Brow Dye $55

    The next generation in brow colouring, dye is designed to colour the hair and leave a tattoo-effect on the skin that can last up to 2 weeks! Dye will grow out of the hair, not wash out. (No hair removal included).

  • Brow Henna $80

    Have henna applied to your brows for maximum impact. Henna is a natural colourant that leaves a soft shadow on your skin to help disguise gaps. (No hair removal included.)

  • Wax Only From $50

    For clients who aren’t looking to add any colour to their brows. We will shape your brows into the most flattering shape for you.

Brow Artistry FAQ's

Our talented brow stylists will consult with you to determine what your dream eyebrows would look like, and then do their best to create them! We map out the best shape brows for your face using your facial features as reference points, and colour your brows with tint, henna or dye, depending on your intensity and colour preference.
We then shape your brows with wax, tweezing and trimming.

No. We do not offer any eyebrow tattooing services at Brisbane Lashes currently.

Tint leaves a small amount of skin stain that lasts a couple of days at most. It colours the hairs for 4-6 weeks.

Henna leaves a soft, natural-looking skin stain for up to 14 days, and colours hair for up to 6 weeks. Henna also strengthens the hair and encourages new growth.

Dye has the most intense skin stain that can last up to 10 days, and stays in the hair until it grows out, usually 6-8 weeks.

It depends on your hair growth speed, and your personal preferences on how fresh you like your brows to look, but we recommend anywhere from 3-6 weeks as best for hair growth and colour maintenance.

If you are taking any medication for your skin, we are still able to tweeze and tint hair. We just can’t wax or apply henna to your skin. The same applies for any clients using active skincare containing ingredients such as Vitamin A derivatives (eg retinol) or alpha-hydroxy acids.

Definitely! There are lots of options available to help encourage hair growth and make your brows look fuller in the meantime. We love repairing damaged or overplucked eyebrows!

We are happy to help younger clients, as long as a parent or caregiver attends with them to complete paperwork and supervise. Our Master Brow Stylists are experts in taming unruly brows while keeping them full and natural-looking.

Yes, of course! Be sure to let your stylist know whether you would like your brows to be sculpted or left looking more natural.