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Classic Lashes

Classic Lashes & Brows by Brisbane Lashes

The art of applying 1 individual eyelash extension to 1 natural lash in a suitable diameter, length and curl. The ideal style for clients wanting a more “natural” lash look that is suitable for everyday wear.

  • Lash Sampler 3/4 Set From $135

    Achieve's a "light mascara type like" look by applying extensions as a filler to thicken natural lashes, or applied outward from the eye for a cat eye look.

  • Nude Look From $185

    “Nude Look” uses lash diameters similar to your own natural lash thickness. Suitable for those who don’t want to look like they are wearing eyelash extensions but instead born with amazing lashes. (Also suitable for men who don’t want to look too fabulous).

  • Corporate Effect From $195

    “Corporate Effect” uses lash diameters thicker than your natural lashes. Your natural lashes will be thickened but not lengthened. Option to use a soft or medium curl to keep you always looking professional even when you’re due for a Refill. Our Most Popular Classic Full Set! Noticeable, but not over the top.

  • High Definition 110+ From $205

    Maximum coverage with classic 1 - 1 eyelash extensions! High Definition 110+ Classic Set with Senior Stylist.

REFILLS (Current clients only)

  • Standard Classic Refill From $90

    Recommended 2-3 weeks after your last appointment. 2 weeks is recommended if you'd like to work on maintaining fullness. 60 Min.

  • Extended Classic Refill From $110

    Recommended 2-3 weeks after your last appointment. 2 weeks is recommended if you'd like to maintain overall fullness and neatness, or if you have a fast lash growth cycle. 75 Min.

Eyelash Extension FAQs

As long as you look after them properly, eyelash extensions fall out when the natural lash they are attached to falls out. Humans can shed up to 5 lashes per eye per day, though, so if you are enjoying the mascara-free life, we recommend refills every 2—3 weeks to top up the lashes you’ve lost. To get the most out of your extensions, we recommend avoiding sunscreens and heavy moisturisers around the eye area, and cleansing your lashes regularly.

No, not if they are applied properly! At Brisbane Lashes, we guarantee safe eyelash extension application, so your extensions won’t be clumped together or feel heavy or stuck.

Your first appointment will be your longest, as a full set of extensions can take anywhere from one to four hours to apply, depending on your sets. Refills are usually around an hour.

Though our lash stylists are incredibly efficient, we customise each set of lashes to the individual wearing them, and we also spend extra time making sure your extensions are applied securely and safely, and not clumped together.

Not if they are applied safely. At Brisbane Lashes we take great care to ensure your natural lashes are kept damage-free. For more information, check out our blog post!

Yes, please do! It’s super important that you wash your lashes daily with an eyelash extension approved cleanser, which is available to purchase in salon. Please just don’t use micellar water!

Please come to your appointment with no eye makeup on, and clean eyes. It’s a good idea to use the toilet before you come, and don’t drink any coffee before your appointment – it can make your eyes flutter and twitch!

To get the most out of your eyelash extensions, keep them clean by washing them daily. Avoid using creamy or oily products, or cleansers with acids and exfoliators in them, around the eye area. Book your refill appointments for 2-3 weeks depending on your stylist’s recommendations. We suggest booking in advance so that you don’t miss out!

Firstly you need to decide whether you want classic or volume lashes, or a mix of the two. If you’re not sure, we have a blog explaining the difference! For the Classic clients, our most popular set is the Sassy 70 – this will give you 70 extensions per eye and will look like you have a great mascara. For a little more drama, the 1D/2D hybrid set gives a naturally full look without going ultra-glam, and is super customisable too! If you’re still unsure, jump on our socials or send a message to the salon phone – Joy and our stylists will be happy to guide you.

Unfortunately, if you’ve ever had any type of irritation or reaction after having eyelash extensions applied, you won’t be able to get them anymore. If you are a person who regularly suffers from eye irritation from hayfever, or if your skin is very sensitive to cosmetic products, it’s probably not a good idea to have extensions applied. Also, we ask clients with any type of eye infection or contagious illness to wait until they are completely symptom-free.

While it’s perfectly safe to have extensions applied to lifted lashes, it’s not recommended as the natural lashes will grow out at a different angle and cause the extensions to look very messy very quickly. Ideally, wait until 6 weeks after your lash lift before having extensions applied.

It’s very important because unfortunately once you’ve had a reaction to eyelash extensions, you can no longer have them applied. Reactions are unpredictable and likely to get worse the more you are exposed to the allergen. As we work so closely to your eyes, it’s really not worth the risk!

We can’t guarantee that the products we use are compatible with what you are already wearing, so your lashes may look inconsistent and may not last very long. It’s also very important to us that the lashes we apply are damage-free, and not all salons apply lashes in a way that we consider safe, so these lashes would need to be removed and a new full set applied anyway.

We generally suggest between 2-3 weeks, but it’s a good idea to ask your stylist for a personal recommendation. Factors such as your lash growth cycle, your chosen style, and even your skincare products are important to consider.