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Non-Damaging Eyelash Extension Removals

Unfortunately, not all Lash Stylists possess the same level of skill which sometimes leads to disappointing results. If you’re unhappy with your current eyelash extensions and would like them removed, we can help. Our Stylists are expertly trained in both manual and cream-based eyelash extension removal techniques and will be able to safely remove your unwanted eyelash extensions before they cause any further discomfort or damage to your natural lashes.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Removal From $150

    If you cannot get in contact with your lash stylist, or simply don’t trust them to go near your eyes again, Brisbane Lashes offers a 24 hour Emergency Eyelash Extension Removal Service. NOTE: Depending on the circumstance, you may be required to first present a doctor's certificate giving the all clear to proceed with the lash removal service if any allergies or discomfort is present. All after hours appointments start at $150. For after hours appointments please contact us to book via

  • Standard Lash Removal From $50

    Safe and non damaging eyelash extension removal. Typically, most appointments take 30 mins, however, if cluster lashes have been applied or if extensions have been applied to the skin it may take longer due to the extra time required to safely breakdown the adhesive used.
    NOTE: Depending on the circumstance, you may be required to first present a doctor's certificate giving the all clear to proceed with the lash removal service if any allergies or discomfort is present.

Lash Removal FAQs

Our most common eyelash extension removal questions and answers. Not finding the answer you're looking for? Reach out to us via our contact page and we'll reply asap.

A lash removal is the practice of safely removing eyelash extensions using either a manual peeling method, or in some cases, a special remover cream if too much adhesive has been used or if the bond is too strong to manually peel the extensions off the natural lashes without causing any damage.

Typically a lash removal will take between 20 – 30  mins if the correct amount of adhesive has been applied by the original stylist. However, it can take up to 1.5 hours (in extreme cases) if extensions have been applied to the skin, too much adhesive has been used, the set has been freshly applied meaning the adhesive bond is very strong, or if they are “cluster lashes”. Your Stylist will be able to give you an indicator as to how long the removal will take once they’ve had a chance to inspect your lashes.

Depending on the strength of the attachment and what is the safest approach, your stylist will either use a special eyelash extension removal cream to assist with breaking down the adhesive and then gently removing the extensions, or by carefully “peeling” apart the extension from the natural lash.

In most cases eyelash extension removals are fine to carry out, however, if you’re suffering from an allergic reaction or sensitivity that has been caused by the lash adhesive your doctor may advise not to have them removed until the reaction subsides as adding any extra chemicals (i.e. the remover cream) to an already irritated area is not a good idea.

Yes, in most cases we find our clients are able to have a fresh set of eyelash extensions applied straight after their removal without any issues provided the removal was not due to an allergic reaction.

Not at all, providing the Lash Stylist is qualified in using safe removal techniques. Damage to your natural lashes (i.e. gaps in the lash line or breakage) occurs only when poorly applied eyelash extensions that have been attached multiple natural lashes instead of each individual lash are not removed in time. As our natural lashes all grow at different speeds depending on the stage of the growth cycle they’re in, extensions that have been applied to more than one natural lash (known as “stickies”) can rip out neighbouring natural lashes as they grow out. If your lashes feel itchy or like they’re pulling at the skin, you may have some stickies in your lash line.

Definitely not recommended. Self removal of eyelash extensions almost always results in serious damage to the natural lashes which can take many months to fully recover.