24 Hour Emergency Removals

This service is purely for those which have had their eyelash extensions applied by other salons and are seeking to have them removed asap.

Having an allergy to eyelash extensions is extremely RARE. We have only seen a handful of cases from the 1000’s of people who have come to Brisbane Lashes for eyelash extensions.

If you are allergic to one brand of eyelash extension glue, you will be allergic to ALL brands of glue! They all share the exact SAME base ingredients, just different amounts that allow the adhesive to have differing adhesion properties.

With the alarmingly high amount of inexperienced Lash Technicians and veteran lazy Lash Stylists that are wrongly sticking extensions on the skin instead of .05 to 1 mm away from the lid, they are increasing your risk of developing an allergy!

If you cannot get a hold of your lash technician or don’t trust them to go near your eyes again, Brisbane Lashes offers a 24 hour Emergency Removal service. If we can fit you in during our usual working hours the removal is $50-$80 (30-45 mins).

All after hour appointments for eyelash extension removal are $150. If you require us to come to you, a travel fee will apply. If needed, Brisbane Lashes will remove eyelash extensions for our own clients within 48 hours at no additional charge.


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