It's Time To Believe In Yourself!

I will apologise up front if the below comes across as a bit of a rant but I just couldn’t let this one go, something needed to be said and I hope since you’ve opened this you’ll read until the end.

So lately I’ve been liking and commenting on Instagram posts (nothing new there) But what is new is that I’ve started asking Lash Techs whether or not they are entering the Sunshine PRO Series Live Lash Competition.

With the quality of work I was seeing I was expecting to get comments back like “Hell yes I’m entering! I’m so excited!” Or “Already have Joy! Really looking forward to it!”

You get my point.

But instead do you know what I heard 7/10 times?

“No, I don’t think so. My work isn’t that good anyway, maybe next year.”

[Insert My Face Palm Here]

..Followed by voice in my head saying “You’re kidding, right?”

..Then out loud, “I think she is actually serious?”

..Followed by my 🙁

What has literally blown me away with all these responses is just how many of you think your lash work is not good enough to enter a competition.

It’s crazy and a little worrying at the same time that so many Lash Stylists have so little confidence and belief in themselves when they are in fact producing AMAZING work!

It’s seriously not cool.

My question to you is this:

How good does your work need to be before you start believing in yourself?

Give that some thought.

Let me just say to each of you that if you are feeling like you are “not good enough” to enter the Sunshine Pro Series Lash Competition (or any competition for that matter) consider this:

Every single one of your “lash idols” who you look up to was once a newbie lash stylist with no awards and no recognition. Zero. None.

Were they scared before entering a competition for the first time? ABSOLUTELY.

Nervous? Of course.

Did they think they had a chance in hell of winning? Probably not.

The difference is they believed in themselves and they took a chance anyway.

Some Competition Advice..

You might be thinking the only reason for entering a lash competition is just to win it, when in actual fact there are SO many more upsides that you may be missing!

Firstly, it’s great to win. Everyone loves the feeling of winning something, but it’s not realistic to think you’re going to win every competition you enter.

I feel like sometimes we think to ourselves “if I’m not good enough to win by a country mile, I’m not going to enter!”

As if by not entering we are somehow protecting our ego or something.

Put your ego aside for a moment and understand that it’s 100% okay to enter something and not win!

At least you had the courage to try in the first place and there is so much to learn simply from having the experience.

When you think about it “Winning” just gives you the recognition for the skills you knew you already had, but it doesn’t really teach you anything new.

Here are some of the upsides to entering (not winning):

  • Competitions bring out the best in you.
  • You put pressure on yourself to produce your best work and to believe in yourself.
  • You become optimistic, focused, determined with a positive attitude.
  • You strive to perfect your technique, your styling and timing.
  • Your client’s will get behind you and feel proud that you are trying to better yourself.
  • You’ll get great photos for your social media and website.
  • Opportunity to network with other elite Lash Stylists from around the globe.
  • Certificate of participation for every entrant.
  • You’ll be a better Lash Stylist regardless of the outcome!!!

Here are the negatives of entering:

  • You might not win.
  • You miss out on the opportunity for recognition.
  • Regret that you should have entered, but didn’t.

Now if you do win.. the exposure you’ll gain for yourself and your business will do more good for your career than almost anything else I can think of.

There will also be AMAZING Prizes up for grabs, a chance for networking with some of the industries best, potential job opportunities, collaborations, the list goes on..

But let’s face it, none of this is possible if you don’t actually enter!

So if you are a professional Lash Stylist with more than a months experience and you haven’t entered yet, why not?

What have you actually got to lose?


What have you got to gain?


So level up Ladies & Gents, it’s time to get involved! Remember, ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!”

Click here if you believe in yourself and want to take a chance!

I hope to see you there!

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