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Brow Tint Henna or Dye? What’s the Difference?

Brow Tint Henna or Dye?

Brow tint, henna or dye? What’s the difference? To coincide with the launch of our beautiful new website, we’ve made some changes to our service menu at Brisbane Lashes. You may have noticed that we’ve introduced several more brow services. We’ve always offered brows at Brisbane Lashes, as a basic tint and tidy add-on, or a full reshape in the form of our Freehand Brow Artistry.

However, in the last few years, brow treatment options have grown hugely, so we’ve decided to expand on what we can offer to you! One of the biggest developments in brow treatments in the past decade is the introduction of different ways of colouring your brows. Previously, “getting your brows done” usually just meant a shape with some basic tint on the hairs.

Now, we’re spoiled for choice: there’s a wide range of tints on the market, as well as various brands of henna, and the latest to hit Australian shores, BronSun brow dye. With so many options, it’s natural to be unsure as to what the right choice is for you. Let me help!


Brow Tint is the OG as far as colouring brows goes, and is what most people think of when we talk about “getting our brows done”. Some people are a bit fearful of tint: for a long time, there weren’t a lot of colour options available, and most of the time we all just ended up with dark brown, almost black eyebrows. Scary stuff!
Now, tint brands have come a long way. There are lots of different colours available, and lots of variety in terms of features and benefits.

Tint is designed to colour the hair, but not the skin beneath the hair. You may find there is some staining on the skin, but this usually washes away over a couple of days. Tint washes gradually out of the hair. The effect can be more natural, or quite dramatic – it depends on the colour you choose! Brow Tint will last around 2-4 weeks in your brows.

Brow Henna

A more natural way of colouring the brows, henna is traditionally derived from the powdered leaves of the Lawsonia Inermis plant. The henna that we use in salon today has additional ingredients to refine colours and increase its safety and efficacy, but most brands remain ammonia-free and low in chemicals. Henna has natural properties that strengthen and condition the brow hairs, as well as encourage growth. It is also a gentle exfoliant.

Henna colours can be natural or intense, depending on the application. Not only the hairs are coloured; henna leaves a soft, powder-effect shadow on the skin beneath the hair, which helps to hide gaps in your brows and guide you when you are filling them in with makeup. The henna stain on your skin can last anywhere from 2-10 days, while the colour will wash out of your hair slowly over 4-6 weeks. The treatment takes a little longer than a tint and shape appointment, as henna has a longer processing time.

If you sweat lots or have very oily skin, or use a lot of exfoliants or heavy moisturisers, henna may not be as effective on you. As a naturally derived product, it also carries a risk of reaction. Have a chat with your lash stylist if you have any concerns.


BronSun Dye is the newest option for colouring your brows. It’s the longest-lasting choice for colouring your brows. Rather than washing out of the hair like tint or henna, dye is permanent and needs to grow out. It can last up to 7 weeks in your hair! Like henna, dye leaves a lovely stain on your skin, to help hide gaps or create a bold, beautiful brow. This stain can last up to 2 weeks, or even longer on some lucky people! You can choose to keep your stain soft and natural-looking, or we can process it to more of a tattooed-brow effect. While dye is often used for a dramatic brow, we can also achieve a more natural look, making dye a super versatile option suitable for almost anyone.

BronSun is also ammonia-free, as well as completely vegan and cruelty-free, so it gets extra brownie points from us. We’re not saying BronSun is our favourite… but it’s totally our favourite! Whichever option you choose, the most vital thing is that you follow correct aftercare. Try not to get your brows wet for the first 24 hours after your appointment, and avoid rubbing or scratching them. Exfoliating them or using a strong cleanser on the brow will reduce the life of your skin stain, and using an oily makeup remover may draw the colour out of the hair. Ready to make an appointment? Check out our full list of brow services right here.