Brisbane Brides Not Sure What Eyelash Extensions Will Suit

Are you a Bride to be and not sure what Eyelash Extensions will look the best on your big day and honeymoon?

For brides who are after a very natural look, I recommend the Siberian Mink Full Set.
For brides after a more fuller “mascara’d” look, I recommend the Faux Mink lashes in the Glam (medium fullness) or Dramatic (very full).

It’s best to have your lashes done at least 3 days before your wedding and after any facials as the eyelash extensions must be kept dry for at least 12hrs.
We can keep them the same length as your natural lashes or as long as your natural lashes can handle. We have all size lashes between 6-17mm, natural and dramatic curls.
If you’re still not sure it’s best to let our experienced Lash Stylists choose a look to suit your eyes, face and personality.

Don’t forget, generally the more lashes applied the longer they’ll look fuller.

Faux Mink Glam Full Set
Eileen with a Faux Mink Glam Full Set of Eyelash Extensions by Brisbane Lashes

Double Stacked Siberian Mink Eyelash extensions
Brianna with Double Stacked Siberian Mink Eyelash extensions by Brisbane Lashes