Australia - New Zealand Lash Championships 2016

Last night was full of excitement for us Lashers here in Australia and New Zealand as it was the announcement of the winners of the Australia and New Zealand Lash Championships for 2016!!

Months of preparation went to organising the competition and the sponsors from Enchanted SPA and Lashworx along with the all the organisers and judges did a fantastic job of bringing it all together.

There were four categories available to enter and a very high standard of work was produced as you would expect from a competition of this calibre.

I’m also super proud to announce that many students of LashJoy Academy did extremely well across all the categories! Woo hoo!!

Whilst I can’t take any credit for their individual achievements because they’ve all worked the butts off and put in countless hours of practise to get to where they are, it’s still such a good feeling to see someone you’ve trained go on to achieve wonderful success!

I wanted to take this opportunity to recognise their fantastic achievements and to say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all of the winners and to those who entered!

In no particular order, here are the results of our students 🙂

Isis Hocking!

Isis Hocking

Mae Day!

Mae Day

Jacqui McCullagh!

Jacqui McCullagh

Jacqui McCullagh! (Again!)

Jacqui McCullagh

Margaret Attrill!

Margaret Attrill

Tegan Rasitti!

Tegan Rasitti

Again, CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!! I hope to see more results like these in the future from all of our Training Academy Graduates!

Remember, the first step to success is believing in yourself. Believe that you are more than good enough and just go for it! Whether it be a competition or a new business idea it doesn’t matter. You win or you learn, but the experience either way will be invaluable. We all started somewhere but where you end up is up to you!

What an exciting time it is to be a Lash Stylist!