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Looking for an In-Depth Course to Become a Qualified Lash & Brow Stylist? LashJoy Academy in Brisbane is Where it Happens.


In-person and online courses suitable for complete beginners with no previous industry experience who are looking to start a career as a Lash & Brow Artist.


Reserved for experienced lash and brow artists looking to further their knowledge and expertise with advanced techniques such as Russian Volume & Hybrid lashing.


Created for Lash & Brow Artists looking to “Refresh” their fundamental skills & knowledge or master specific techniques to take their business to the next level.

LashJoy Academy

In-Person Lash & Brow Courses Held at LashJoy Academy, Brisbane

We’ve received hundreds of amazing reviews & comments from our students over the years! Read about their course experiences via Google and Instagram.

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LashJoy Academy: The Start Line for Australia's Most Elite Lash & Brow Artists

Say goodbye to fixed course dates and embrace a course structure that fits your lifestyle. 

For example, you could opt for our 6-Day Beginner Lash Artist Course in a format that suits you: a full 6-day stretch, 3 x 2-day blocks, or 6 x 1-day sessions. It’s up to you. This flexibility allows you to manage your learning in a way that complements your schedule, all based on mutual availability.

At LashJoy Academy, our Lash & Brow Mastery courses are “student focused” with typically only 2-4 students in each course. This allows for more interaction and one-on-one attention, leading to better results produced by our students.

LashJoy trainers are not just great lash stylists that dabble in eyelash extension training on the side. LashJoy’s Lead Educator Joy Crossingham is a multi-award winning Lash Master who has personally facilitated over 300 training events across the globe teaching 2,500+ students since 2014. Joy’s “superpower” is teaching and helping her students achieve incredible results in an just a mater of days.

There is no denying that our students are literally what makes our brand. LashJoy trained lash artists are well known for their exceptional quality of work and their success is what enables us to achieve ours. On average, 60% of the students that enrol with our Academy each month are direct referrals from our past students. The amazing reviews, comments and referrals that we receive daily from our students pushes us to keep delivering on our promise and exceed expectations. 

Many of the lashing techniques that LashJoy Educators teach are created by them and are never shared publicly, only ever in our private classes. Whilst we love sharing techniques and tips on YouTube and Instagram, our best techniques and knowledge are reserved for our paying students.

Whilst we have won our fair share of industry & business awards, what’s more satisfying to us is that since 2014 LashJoy Academy is responsible for producing more award-winning and successful Lash Artists than any other training facility in Australia.

In addition to the comprehensive Lash/Brow Kit included with each course, all of our student’s also receive a Lifetime 20% Discount off their lash supplies purchased at LashJoy.

After years of development we are now super close to releasing BookJoy – the world’s first joyful online scheduling system designed by Lash Stylists, for Lash Stylists. All LashJoy student’s will receive exclusive pricing.

Sometimes students are surprised that we are still happy to answer their questions years after they attended their course with us, but to us this is just what we do. To ensure we have the capabilities to assist our students whenever they may need us, we employ a number of full-time staff to provide training and product support for LashJoy trained artists. We call it the LashJoy Student Ecosystem and it’s a major reason our student’s are so successful.

Our growing Facebook group exclusive to our students is a refreshing online community where we share ideas, ask questions and empower one another in our lash journey’s. Becoming a LashJoy Artist means joining our family.

Our recently launched online LashJoy Artist Directory was designed to help our certified LashJoy Artists from all over the world get more clients by connecting with them with potential lash clients in their area.

Included with every Lash & Brow Mastery course at LashJoy Academy is a comprehensive Lash/Brow Kit (valued between $600-$900 depending on the course) packed with all of the essential lash and brow products and supplies you need to be successful from day 1. 

LashJoy students receive a ultra-comprehensive Eyelash Extension Training Manual (aka your lash bible) filled with all of secret tips and expert knowledge that we’ve attained since entering the lash industry in 2008.

If you’re unable to source your own training models for your lash or brow course, LashJoy can provide them for you for a small additional fee. This is a popular option for our interstate students who may not know anyone in Brisbane who can be a model for them.

It’s a well known fact in the lash industry that LashJoy students are amongst the most highly sought-after employees due to their expertise and the exceptional quality of work they produce. We often have salons contacting us looking for any LashJoy trained Lash Artists that might be seeking employment. In addition to this, every Lash Stylist employed at our salon is a certified LashJoy trained artist.

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