Brisbane Lashes is one of Australia’s leading Eyelash Extension Salons. Operating since 2008, our Master Lash Stylists have applied thousands of sets of eyelash extensions, run more than 100 national and international training events and have multiple international awards for their work.
You can trust the Brisbane Lashes team to deliver you the very best in both eyelash extension application and training. It’s all we do.

We are not a Beauty Salon that also offers eyelash extensions as a side service, we are a fully dedicated eyelash extension salon that specializes in classic and volume eyelash extensions of the highest quality as well as offering national and international eyelash extension training courses.
Having this single track focus has allowed us to really master the art of applying eyelash extensions over the past decade to be positioned as one most well known and respected lash salons in Australia.

At Brisbane Lashes our mission is to earn our customer’s trust by consistently delivering them the best quality eyelash extensions in Brisbane. At Brisbane Lashes we will never overextend our clients natural lashes as this will cause drooping, twisting of the lashes and unnatural lash shedding that may lead to permanent damage.

If  you sick and tired of spending good money on eyelash extensions only to have them poorly applied, clumped together, pulling at your skin, have them falling out in less than a week or just generally feeling like you have sticks for eyelashes then you are not alone!

Many of our customers felt the same way before they discovered Brisbane Lashes.

Our expert team of Lash Stylists are trained to apply strictly one extension or volume fan to one healthy natural lash. Each extension applied is of the appropriate length, curl and thickness to suit each client. This is how quality eyelash extensions are meant to be.