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About Us

Established in 2008 by globally recognised industry pioneer, Joy Crossingham, Brisbane Lashes was one of the very first salons to open in Australia to specialise solely in Eyelash Extensions. Our Master Lash Stylists have not only applied thousands of sets of eyelash extensions over the years, but have also won numerous local and international awards for their skill and amazing standard of work.

In recent years we have expanded our area of expertise to include eyebrow artistry & lash lift services, to name a few.

Brisbane Lashes Salon


Empowering women and bringing their inner beauty to life

Joy Crossingham

CEO & Founder

Joy Crossingham

Hi, I’m Joy Crossingham!

My lash career began back in 2008 as a solo stylist operating from home after taking a short course in eyelash extensions whilst on holiday in Thailand visiting my family.

After many years of hard work, I’m proud to be able to say that “me” has become “we” and I now lead a team of 15 awesome humans who help me run businesses across multiple sectors within the lash industry from salon services, to education, e-commerce and software solutions.

Over the years I have won numerous local and international awards for my lash work, spoken at countless conferences, my Academy was crowned the 2019 ABIA “Educator of the Year” and my business was also officially recognised as one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in all of Australia by the AFR, to name just a few achievements.

That being said, my greatest satisfaction comes from teaching the next generation of lash superstars and seeing my clients to fulfil their lash addiction!

If you become a Brisbane Lashes client I can promise you that not only will your artist be of the highest standard and skill, but at Brisbane Lashes you can be assured we never take shortcuts in anything we do and will only ever apply eyelash extensions that are 100% safe and non-damaging.

Hope to see you soon! Joy x

Meet The Team

We’re a small, tightknit team of awesome humans who live and breathe the #lashlife.



Nickname? Joy Schmoy, Joygle (like google)

What I love most about being a Lash Artist… The way something so small can make such a difference to the way a woman looks and feels about herself

Favourite BL service? I love them all but I’ll always have a soft spot for classic lashes

Favourite Food? Thai sticky rice and mango

Dog Person or Cat Person? Dogs for me

Fun Fact… Before I got into the lash industry I used to run a fashion clothing store

Hobbies Include… Cooking, gardening, or researching new business ideas

On My Playlist… 90’s and 00’s RNB

When I’m Not Working I’m Probably… Binge-watching YouTube cooking videos, cooking, gardening, spending time with Hansel and Jeremy

Marketing & Operations Manager

Nickname? Jez, LashBoy

What I love most about being a Lash Artist… Hmmm, let me get back to you on that one

Favourite BL service? I like the textured classic flat sets

Favourite Food? Anything Joy cooks is always good

Dog Person or Cat Person? Is that a serious question? Dogs all day (but cats are cool, too)

Fun Fact… I’ve never watched the movie Forrest Gump and have no idea what the “run Forrest run” thing means

Hobbies Include… Feeding my Kookies, watching sport (F1, NRL, UFC) or weird YouTube documentaries

On My Playlist… Anything Rap or RNB from 90’s onwards

When I’m Not Working I’m Probably… Watching UFC in my cinema or hanging out with Joy and Hansel

Senior Lash & Brow Artist

Nickname? Big Dazza/Daz

What I love most about being a Lash Artist… Creating something beautiful

Favourite BL service? Eyebrow Artistry

Favourite Food? I really couldn’t tell you?

Dog Person or Cat Person? Dog

Fun Fact… Until I was 7 I grew up in clubs here & overseas touring with my parents (my dad is a singer and we were his crew)

Hobbies Include… TV, photography, video games

On My Playlist… My music taste is eclectic, but I have a soft spot for rock & roll

When I’m Not Working I’m Probably… Either binging shows or out having adventures

Senior Lash artist

Nickname? Reg, Reggie

What I love most about being a Lash Artist… Incredible opportunity to help people feel good about themselves

Favourite BL service? Classic/Hybrid lashes and lash lifts

Favourite Food? Anything chicken

Dog Person or Cat Person? Dog

Fun Fact… I hate needles but have tattoos

Hobbies Include… Reading, drawing

On My Playlist… Anything R&B or Pop

When I’m Not Working I’m Probably… Napping or binge watching Greys Anatomy

Master Lash & brow artist

Nickname? Mehan

What I love most about being a Lash Artist… I love being able to change someone’s day by giving them a reminder that they’re beautiful no matter what!

Favourite BL service? Anything to do with Eyebrow Artistry

Favourite Food? Vietnamese. Anything with chilli, lime and coriander and I’m there!

Dog Person or Cat Person? Total dog/animal person!

Fun Fact… I only started eating tomato at age 27

Hobbies Include… Photography and videography

On My Playlist… Homegrown and Heavy… Aussie metal

When I’m Not Working I’m Probably… Climbing a mountain or camping!

master lash & brow artist

Nickname? Lu

What I love most about being a Lash & Brow Artist… I love the process of transformation, especially when it comes to brow repair! When my clients can’t stop looking at themselves in the mirror – that’s the best part for me!

Favourite BL service? It’s gotta be Brow Lamination!

Favourite Food? Cinnamon Scrolls and anything peanut butter

Dog Person or Cat Person? Puppers all the way!

Fun Fact… I used to help my best friend host a radio show when we were 13, growing up in the bush

Hobbies Include… Muay Thai & Indoor Plants

On My Playlist… I’d like to say the Offspring but unfortunately it’s usually the Wiggles

When I’m Not Working I’m Probably… Relaxing at the beach! Lol jk I’m always working

Senior Lash Artist

Nickname? Miki, Micky

What I love most about being a Lash Artist… I like to see happy customers!

Favourite BL service? High definition classic full set

Favourite Food? Japanese food 

Dog Person or Cat Person? Became a cat purrson!

Fun Fact… I love Karaoke

Hobbies Include… Going on trips, camping, hiking

On My Playlist… Wonderwall by Oasis

When I’m Not Working I’m Probably… Play with my cats

Customer Relations Manager

Nickname? Nic, Mum, Wifey

What I love most about being a Lash Artist… I love enhancing women’s natural beauty, making them feel more beautiful and confident & creating lifelong friendships.

Favourite BL service? Classic Lashes

Favourite Food? Nachos

Dog Person or Cat Person? DOG

Fun Fact… I was a dancer when I was younger training 5 hours per night for many years

Hobbies Include… Beach 4WD, Cooking, Reading autobiographies

On My Playlist… I have a mix there is Acoustic Hits Rock Throwback 80’s /90’s unwind

When I’m Not Working I’m Probably… with my pugs Winston and Louie 

Salon Mascot
Hansel Fredrik

Nickname? Hanzel Washington, Hansalicious, Hansel Boy, Hance Pants, Son, the list goes on… 

What I love most about being a Lash Artist… I’m still in training so not sure yet?

Favourite BL service? I’m a big fan of the Dog Eye Styling Full Set

Favourite Food? Chicken soup

Dog Person or Cat Person? Umm, seriously?

Fun Fact… I have a genetic mutation that gives me my blue/green eyes and pink nose and paws

Hobbies Include… Digging holes, stealing socks, sleeping and going for coffee walks with dad on James Street

On My Playlist… I mostly listen to dog meditation videos on YouTube, look it up 🙂

When I’m Not Working I’m Probably… Are you kidding? I’ve never worked a day in my life