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The Top 5 Misconceptions About Eyelash Extensions

Top 5 Misconceptions About Eyelash Extensions

Heard some interesting rumours about Eyelash Extensions?  Let us set the story straight!

1. Eyelash Extensions are damaging for your natural lashes.

Ok, so this one is partly true.  Eyelash extensions can be damaging if they are not applied safely, or if the lashes that are applied are too heavy or long for your natural lashes to hold.

Over time, unsafe extensions can cause your natural lashes to fall out prematurely, creating gaps in your lash line, or pull them downwards until they begin to permanently grow that way.

At Brisbane Lashes, we pride ourselves on providing safe, long-lasting, damage-free eyelash extensions.  If your lashes are drooping or causing you any irritation or discomfort, get in touch with us – we’d love to help you restore your natural lashes to their former glory!

2. You should take regular breaks from getting Eyelash Extensions.

This myth is also grounded in some truth.  There are definitely some instances where we recommend clients take a break from getting extensions, for example:

• They are developing some sensitivity to the products we use,
• They have had some damaging extensions removed and need to give their natural lashes some time to recover, or
• Their natural lashes are shedding at an unusual rate due to illness, medication changes, stress or other lifestyle factors.

However, most of our clients rarely take a break from getting extensions (aside from forced breaks in lockdowns!).  We have lots of Brisbane Lashes clients who have been getting their lashes done regularly for many years, and their natural lashes are as healthy as ever!

3. If your extensions are falling out, it’s because of bad glue.

Sorry, but unfortunately this is not often the case. It’s very rare for there to be a ‘bad batch’ of lash adhesive.

For the majority of clients, if their eyelash extensions are falling off the natural lashes quickly, it’s either because the aftercare instructions weren’t followed properly, or there was something on their natural lashes at the time of their appointment.

Even though we cleanse your lashes thoroughly before applying any extensions, it can take several days of cleansing to remove the build-up of heavier moisturisers, sunscreens and other cosmetics. This is why it’s so, so important that you invest in a good eyelash extension cleanser, and use it regularly, even a few days before you get your first set of lashes on!

4. Eyelash Extensions last a long time.

When eyelash extensions are properly applied and the aftercare instructions followed perfectly, your extensions should grow out with your natural lashes, rather than simply fall out on their own.

In theory, that means each extension should last the life of the natural lash it is attached to.  However, each of your natural lashes will be at different stages of their life cycle, and it is very normal for a person to lose anywhere from 3-5 natural lashes per eye per day.  So in a week, you could lose an average of 28 lashes (with or without extensions) per eye!

This is why we recommend that clients return every 2-3 weeks for a refill – this lets us refresh your lashes by removing any extensions that are outgrown and dangling, and replace extensions on naked natural lashes.

5. You can have whatever length and thickness extensions you want.

While it might feel like your lash stylist is sprinkling magic on you, unfortunately we aren’t wizards, and what we can create with our skills is actually limited by the length, number and health of your natural lashes. Perhaps a better name for eyelash extensions would be ‘eyelash enhancements’.

For the health and safety of your natural lashes, we are generally only able to use extensions that are around 2mm longer than your existing lashes. If your natural lashes are short and sparse, you may not be able to get that strip-lash effect volume set you had set your heart on.

But don’t be discouraged; trust your lash stylist! Joy and her team of lash ninjas will do their best to give you your dream lashes, while keeping your natural lashes safe and healthy. Got some more questions? Get in touch with us!