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Our LashJoy Academy has helped create more award winning lash stylists than any other academy in Australia.


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About Us

Brisbane Lashes was founded in 2008 by globally recognised industry pioneer, Joy Crossingham. Every Brisbane Lashes Lash Stylist undergoes extensive training via our LashJoy Academy and as a result they are amongst the most experienced and awarded Lash Professionals in Australia. For more than a decade we have built our reputation as Brisbane’s leading lash salon from our commitment to providing high quality eyelash extensions that not only last a long time, but are also safe and non damaging.

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From Our Blog

We no longer have to rely on makeup to enhance our eyes, now that we have eyelash extensions and lash lifts! But how do you know which option is right for you?

Since Joy first started Brisbane Lashes 12 years ago, a lot has changed in the world of Eyelash Extensions. How do you know what the difference is between classic, hybrid, or volume?

Whilst salon hygiene has always been extremely important to us, I wanted to take this opportunity to update all clients as to what health and safety practices are in place at Brisbane Lashes.

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Client Lash Love

Lucy gave me my first eyelash extensions in 6 years, and she did incredibly! They’ve brightened and widened my eyes, she was gentle and lovely the whole time. Couldn’t be happier!
Manille Joy Faraci
I have been a customer for 6 years and the quality of work, professionalism and attention to detail is on point. Highly recommend the owner Joy (if you are lucky enough to score an appointment) if you want to have amazing brows & lashes!
Annette Butterworth
Just got home from having volume lash extentions applied for the first time. They’re so amazing! I can’t wait to show them off at work tomorrow! Thank you ladies. I highly recommend this salon!
Megan McCarthy
Had an amazing time yesterday afternoon getting a full set of volume lashes!
So relaxing and the finished product was amazing. I definitely recommend Joy and the team.
Sonya Thie
Joy is brilliant! My first set of lashes were a disaster and Joy came to the rescue and I haven’t looked back since. For brows, Joy is fabulous too!
Jordan Rooks
Beautiful beautiful lashes Joy is so humble and down to earth. Such an amazing experience!
Jezza Raaz
I love it!!! Never thought itl be this amazing! In Brisbane eyelash extensions they really take care of you! Ask what you want and say whats best for you! Definitely gonna recommend and come back!
Jann Angara
I had my very first lash extensions applications with Joy just last week and now I don’t know why I’ve waited so long. Joy was super gentle and being in the salon was like being in a day spa. It was so clean, professional and relaxing. And Joy’s work is really just the best. I love my lashes and so does everyone else.
Shella Cutts
I cannot say enough good things about this place! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Joy and her magic hands!

I am addicted to my extensions and eyebrows done by Joy and LOVE Brisbane Eyelash Extensions. Can’t say enough about how professional, accommodating, friendly and amazing service this place provides.

I always get compliments about my eyelashes and eyebrows everyone loves it and why go anywhere else really.. This is the best place to go!

Erica Westby

I have gone to Brisbane Lashes for many years now & i would never go any where else. Joy always does an amazing job. I always receive compliments on how beautiful my lashes look. Thanks Joy!

Deirdre Martin
Love Love Love Brisbane Lashes! Just had a volume set put on last night – beautiful! Joy will tell you herself – she is obsessed with lashes!
I had lashes done recently in Sydney and I can definitely tell the difference in the quality of the actual lashes as well as the application – which were no where near the superior quality I have always found at Brisbane Lashes. Joy and her team use top quality lashes and are absolute perfectionists. You won’t be disappointed!
Natalie Gill
I got my first full set today and I absolutely love them! I got a natural looking set to start off with and they look so full! Everyone was friendly and very professional. I can’t wait to go back to get them refilled!