What An Exciting Time It Is To Be A Lash Stylist!

What an AMAZING year 2015 was!

25 Training Events held…

Over 100 Students attended..

Thank you so much for your support!

With Eyelash Extensions now the leading segment of the beauty industry here in Australia with an estimated 2 million (and growing rapidly) self confessed “Lash Addicts”, there has never been a better time to become a qualified Lash Stylist.

Since opening one of Australia’s first dedicated Eyelash Extension salon’s over 7 years ago I never would have thought that Lash Extensions would become so mainstream. It really has become a “must have” of so many women these days.

I think it’s incredible that I have clients that place getting their lashes done as a higher priority than getting their hair done or their nails done. Heck, I think some would go without food and water if they were forced to choose one or the other 🙂

Anyway, I’d like to say to those of you who attended one of my Training Events in 2015, THANK YOU so much for your support and allowing me share my passion with you! I am excited as 2016 unfolds to watch your businesses continue to grow and prosper and I will be right here to guide and mentor you as you need me.

For those who haven’t made it to an event yet but would like to, perhaps I’ll see you at one soon.

For now, here are but a few of the gazillion photo’s that were taken in 2015 at my various lash training events around Australia.


  • Producing amazing lashes is one thing, but you also have to know how to photograph them correctly too! Bottom center picture shows students learning how to safely conduct a lash extension removal. Incredibly, so many other lash courses don’t teach this essential skill.
    5 Day Classic Lash Mastery

    Lash Photography, Brisbane
  • Marketing 101. Learning how to identify exactly who our “ideal client” is (and isn’t), where to find them and how we can effectively market our services to them.. whilst devouring delicious gluten and dairy free doughnuts!
    2 Day Volume Lash Mastery

    Eyelash extensions training courses in Brisbane
  • Students learning my methods for creating perfect Volume Lash fans! The same methods that were used by myself and my senior stylist Katya to win 2nd and 3rd place at the 2015 Lash Wars! Understanding the different fan types, when to use them and when not to use them as well as best practices for mixed sets (classic and volume) and how to easily transition your Classic lash clients over to Volume.
    2 Day Volume Lash Mastery

    Creating Perfect Volume Lash Fans, Brisbane
  • Some of the many amazing sets of 4D Volume Lashes applied by our students during training. This student used her mum as her lash model. Her mum was super happy with her new lash look and was off on holidays the very next day to show them off!
    3 Day Ultimate Classic & Volume Lash Mastery

    4D Volume Lashes, Sydney
  • Another proud moment for Brisbane Lashes in 2015 was returning to the International “Lash Wars” competition held in Las Vegas and taking out both 2nd and 3rd Place in the “Volume Lashes” Category! Woo Hoo!! A fantastic achievement in what was incredibly talented line up of 12 International Lash superstars.

    Lash Wars 2015 Las Vegas
  • volume lashes by Brisbane Lashes
  • volume lashes by Brisbane Lashes
  • My new “Bespoke” range of coloured Volume Lashes have proven to be quite popular for those who want to stand out for an event or just something a little bit different! There are literally endless customizable options with this look. Look out for this in my new Bespoke Volume Lash Artistry course being released soon.

    volume lashes by Brisbane Lashes
  • Still one of my favourite sets to apply on clients who have healthy and strong natural lashes is this 4D-5D Mixed Volume look. The width of your fans plays an important role in the end result of how the lashes will look. Narrow fans create a dense and thick look whilst wider fans create a soft, fluffy effect.

    4d 5d mixed volume lashes
  • Classic black and white photo to showcase some beautiful Classic lashes. 110 Lashes Per Eye. Until Volume Lashes were introduced this was the most popular set for our clients at Brisbane Lashes.
    5 Day Classic Lash Mastery

    classic lashes, 110 lashes per eye
  • Joy Crossingham with her staff at Brisbane Lashes in Brisbane

So why do I enjoy training so much?

This is something I get asked quite often and I believe to be successful at anything you must first have a strong reason Why?

Why are you doing it in the first place?

My personal reason why I enjoy training and teaching others so much is that I can give others an opportunity to be truly successful and financially independent. And then watching them go and do it! I really get a kick out of it 🙂

So when I receive such beautiful reviews from my students like the ones below, I become even more inspired and determined to share my passion and knowledge of this industry with others so they too can replicate what I have achieved.

Brisbane Lashes Testimonial
Brisbane Lashes Testimonial
Brisbane Lashes Testimonial
Brisbane Lashes Testimonial

Those were just some of the most recent reviews and kind words my students had to say about their training with me, I feel blessed to have been able to help and inspire so many people this year and eager to build on this in the years to come.

With events scheduled for Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and even some international events planned for Japan and the USA all in the first half of 2016, it’s safe to say it’s going to be super busy but also a lot of fun!

Warm regards!