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I got my first full set today and I absolutely love them! I got a natural looking set to start off with and they look so full! Everyone was friendly and very professional. I can’t wait to go back to get them refilled!

Natalie GillDecember 19, 2016Brisbane, Australia

Love Love Love Brisbane Lashes! Just had a volume set put on last night – beautiful! Joy will tell you herself – she is obsessed with lashes!
I had lashes done recently in Sydney and I can definitely tell the difference in the quality of the actual lashes as well as the application – which were no where near the superior quality I have always found at Brisbane Lashes. Joy and her team use top quality lashes and are absolute perfectionists. You won’t be disappointed!

Deirdre MartinBrisbane, Australia - November 15, 2016

Lucy gave me my first eyelash extensions in 6 years, and she did incredibly! They’ve brightened and widened my eyes, she was gentle and lovely the whole time. Couldn’t be happier!

ShaynaBrisbane, Queensland, Australia - October 31, 2016

I have been a customer for 6 years and the quality of work, professionalism and attention to detail is on point. Highly recommend the owner Joy (if you are lucky enough to score an appointment) if you want to have amazing brows & lashes!

Manille Joy FaraciBrisbane, Queensland, Australia - October 17, 2016

I just had my lashes done by Jasmine and they look absolutely amazing! My natural lashes are very wavy and don’t grow straight but Jasmine has made them look so beautiful, full and straight! I can’t believe the difference, and I’ve had lots of compliments about how great my eyes look.� I will definitely be booking in with Jasmine for my refill!�

Lauren RochfordBrisbane, Queensland, Australia - October 17, 2016

Joy was incredible!!

I have had so many complements about how fantastic my lashes look. Yesterday a gym manager said they looked amazing and asked me for their Facebook 😀

Thanks again for everything Joy!

Kirra HawleyBrisbane, Queensland, Australia - October 13, 2016

Had a very detailed full set done at training facility today. Perfection! Learned a bit about lashes too, and what to expect in future.

Leann YanBrisbane, Queensland, Australia - June 26, 2016

Love my lashes I got today by Jasmine, thanks ! Xx

Bree H SquirrellBrisbane, Queensland, Australia - June 6, 2016

A BIG thank you to Fai who persevered with my sensitive twitchy eyes when I had my first ever extensions done. She was incredibly patient, very gentle and understanding. My eyes look amazing! They look so bright and open!

Brooke QueitzschLash Addict from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Just got home from having volume lash extentions applied for the first time. They’re so amazing! I can’t wait to show them off at work tomorrow! Thank you ladies. I highly recommend this salon!

Annette ButterworthBrisbane, Queensland, Australia - June 5, 2016

Had an amazing time yesterday afternoon getting a full set of volume lashes!
So relaxing and the finished product was amazing. I definitely recommend Joy and the team.

Megan McCarthyLash Addict from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - November 17, 2016

Absolutely fantastic experience, amazing lashes done by Fai and the BEST customer service I have ever experienced. If you are thinking of getting your lashes done book now, can’t recommend this place highly enough!

Jenny EkbergBrisbane, Queensland, Australia - February 6, 2016

Love my lashes so fine, soft and super fluffy I was a model last weekend.
Cannot believe how well they have held them selves all sitting the same not out of place or twisted and I have had so many complements.

Emily Baxter HarveyBrisbane, Queensland, Australia - January 21, 2016

Fai is a fantastic lash stylist. My lashes lasted a whole 4 weeks! Best I’ve ever had.

Susan DavisBrisbane, Queensland, Australia - January 17, 2016

Joy is brilliant! My first set of lashes were a disaster and Joy came to the rescue and I haven’t looked back since. For brows, Joy is fabulous too!

Sonya ThieLash Addict from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Absolutely the best!
I have had severe allergies in the past and ended up with an eye infection that cost me not only my lashes but a lot of money! Joy and her team know how to do things right.
Nice long natural “soft” lashes that won’t irritate the hell out of you that also exfoliate beautifully.. very very impressed!
Thanks a million xxx

JenaLash Addict from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Get mine done with Becc, I really love it! Thank you so much !

Irene TeoBrisbane, Australia - October 27, 2015

Beautiful beautiful lashes Joy is so humble and down to earth. Such an amazing experience!

Jordan RooksTownsville, Queensland, Australia - September 30, 2015

I love it!!! Never thought itl be this amazing! In Brisbane eyelash extensions they really take care of you! Ask what you want and say whats best for you! Definitely gonna recommend and come back!

Jezza RaazBrisbane, Queensland, Australia - June 15, 2015

I had the best experience with Brisbane eyelash extensions. I would highly recommended it to anyone. The lady in training that did my Russian volume was amazing, she was very nervous but she did an excellent job!

Ashrin AshrafaBrisbane, Queensland, Australia - May 31, 2015

I am so glad that you’ve come to the rescue with your own brand!! i’ve just had to send back ‘great quality’ lashes & was going to have to start my research all over again!!!!

& who else has the lengths printed on the bottom of each strip!? no-one! it’s these little things that are just making sure that i look no further for my lash products!

Your whole BRISBANE LASHES brand is without fault.

Kiyomi McPhersonBrisbane, Queensland, Australia - April 15, 2015

I had my very first lash extensions applications with Joy just last week and now I don’t know why I’ve waited so long. Joy was super gentle and being in the salon was like being in a day spa. It was so clean, professional and relaxing. And Joy’s work is really just the best. I love my lashes and so does everyone else.

Jann AngaraBrisbane, Australia - February 16, 2015

I cannot say enough good things about this place! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Joy and her magic hands!

I am addicted to my extensions and eyebrows done by Joy and LOVE Brisbane Eyelash Extensions. Can’t say enough about how professional, accommodating, friendly and amazing service this place provides.

I always get compliments about my eyelashes and eyebrows everyone loves it and why go anywhere else really.. This is the best place to go!

Shella CuttsBrisbane, Queensland, Australia - October 22, 2014

I have nearly no normal eyelashes…so when I can afford to get lashes I feel wonderful. Thankyou Joy!

True WishesBrisbane, Queensland, Australia - September 6, 2014

Joy is brilliant! My first set of lashes were a disaster and Joy came to the rescue and I haven’t looked back since. For brows, Joy is fabulous too!

Sonya ThieBrisbane, Queensland, Australia - August 2, 2014

Could not recommend Joy enough, she truly is a master eyebrow stylist. My eyebrows now look fabulous, will definitely be coming back for more.

Gemma Louise HedgerLash Addict from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - June 14, 2014

I have gone to Brisbane Lashes for many years now & i would never go any where else. Joy always does an amazing job. I always receive compliments on how beautiful my lashes look 🙂 thanks Joy!

Erica WestbyBrisbane, Queensland, Australia - February 18, 2014

I’ve been a client of both Joy and Katya for years now, I thought I’d take this opportunity to recommend Brisbane Lashes. Over the years I have had some major disasters, but after Joy repaired my broken lashes I haven’t looked back and my lashes haven’t looked better! Both Joy and Katya are amazing lash technicians and they put other so-called eyelash technicians to shame. Not only are their techniques and products amazing but they are so warm and welcoming that it’s like some kind of therapy for me! They are so gentle, I often fall asleep on them (sorry!). So if you haven’t already please try Joy’s Brisbane Lashes! You will be amazed at how gorgeous your lashes will be! I cannot recommend them highly enough 🙂

Tika SunderLash Addict from Sydney, Australia - February 17, 2014

Wouldn’t go anywhere else!!!perfect lashes every single visit!!!

Fai ZaherMelbourne, Australia - February 12, 2014

Joy is absolutely AMAZING at doing eyelash extensions. I will not go anywhere else and highly recommend Brisbane Lashes to everyone! I have never had any trouble with the extensions and the customer service is superb Not only have I seen Joy for my eyelash extensions but I had the pleasure of having her do my brows as well. I’ve seen a few so called brow stylists in the past who wrecked my brows but I love how Joy did my brows and won’t go to anyone else now. Joy takes so much pride in her work and always gives fantastic service. Very Happy Client and have no hesitations in recommending Brisbane Lashes to everyone

Sammy S.Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - January 25, 2014

Joy is amazing! Couldn’t recommend her enough!

Ellen Hanlon-CaripidisBrisbane, Queensland, Australia - January 16, 2014

Truly the best experience and the most fantastic result I’ve ever had with lash extensions. Joy is amazing!!

Zoë DoddsBrisbane, Queensland, Australia - November 13, 2013

I’ve had some shocking eyelash extensions before I discovered Brisbane Eyelash Extensions. I still have the old photos of the horrible cluster lashes job I got from somewhere else ages ago, thinking that’s what Eyelash Extensions were supposed to look like…

I have to laugh at the old photos and thank Brisbane Eyelash Extensions for showing me what quality eyelash extensions look like. I’ll never go anywhere else again!

Alisha StrawbridgeLash Addict from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - February 4, 2013