Brisbane Lashes Team

Brisbane Lashes team is GROWING!

Some quick news for you, we thought you might like to know that the Brisbane Lashes team is GROWING!

If you’ve been in within the last month you would have met our lovely new Receptionist (Alex) who is doing an absolutely KILLER job on the front desk! We’ve also just had TWO NEW SENIOR LASH STYLISTS join our team (Jess & Shanyn) and we’ll have another two starting next month!

Hooray for more appointment availability!

Sunshine PRO Series Live Lash Competition

It’s Time To Believe In Yourself!​

I will apologise up front if the below comes across as a bit of a rant but I just couldn’t let this one go, something needed to be said and I hope since you’ve opened this you’ll read until the end.
So lately I’ve been liking and commenting on Instagram posts (nothing new there) But what is new is that I’ve started asking Lash Techs whether or not they are entering the Sunshine PRO Series Live Lash Competition.

eyelash extension industry

How I Got Started in the Eyelash Extension Industry

So my background is Thai/Dutch and before I began in the Lash Industry I was running my own Fashion Clothing store in Fortitude Valley here in Brisbane. Things were going great right up until around 2008 when the GFC hit and then business got really slow so I decided to take a holiday and visit my family in Thailand and at the same time thought I’d do an Eyelash Extension course while I was there.

Joy Crossingham

Australia – New Zealand Lash Championships 2016

Last night was full of excitement for us Lashers here in Australia and New Zealand as it was the announcement of the winners of the Australian and New Zealand Lash Championships for 2016!!

Months of preparation went to organising the competition and the sponsors from Enchanted SPA and Lashworx along with the all the organisers and judges did a fantastic job of bringing it all together.

Top 10 Instagram Viewed Posts

Top 10 Viewed Instagram Posts – Best Of The Best 2015

From all of my Instagram posts, these are the ones that received the most amount of likes and comments in 2015. I hope you enjoy them!
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