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"Without question, Joy is the very best lash technician you will find in Brisbane or anywhere. The quality and skill of her work will exceed your best expectations. It's rare to find that in any arena these days, but Joy is the real deal. I have been her client for over two years and could not be happier with her service. She's also a wonderful person! I wholeheartedly endorse her work and the work of her other technicians. So many people compliment me on my lashes, and mascara is a dinosaur now - no more smudgey makeup to remove. Banish all experiences of fake, uncomfortable, cheap-looking stick-lashes, and enjoy beautiful, luxurious, natural-looking lashes you cannot even feel. She's simply the BEST. Thank you Joy!"
Marina (St. Lucia Eyelash Extension Fanatic)

'By far has the most amazing skills I have ever experience. I have been getting my lashes done for the better part of 8 Years now and their hands down is the very very best. Even better, a beautiful person inside and out. I couldn't recommend them more highly.'

Jessica (Tarragindi Eyelash Extension Addict)

"Joy is without a doubt the best eyelash extension technician in the world. I first went to her about 18 months ago and never had a problem whatsoever. When Joy went for an overseas trip in June last year I had to find somebody else in a hurry as I was also travelling overseas myself and decided to continue with the 'other' technician due to location convenience - have experienced three allergic reactions now and will be going back to Joy from now onwards! There is nobody as good as Joy and she is such a sweet kind girl too!" 

Colleen Heanue (Shailer Park Lash Addict)

Customer reviews found on "Word Of Mouth Online"
"I went to Joy after varying experiences elsewhere and now will never go anywhere else.
Joy is very professional and an absolute artist at what she does. I always get compliments on my lashes and highly recommend her to everyone who asks. I always come out relaxed and happy after my refills!"
Seven, (Eyelash Extensions Addict from Camp Hill) 
"The first time I ever got my lashes done, was of course with Joy! I haven't gone to any other eyelash stylist since. I believe there is no need to, as Joy is such a Professional & is truly amazing at what she does. I feel so comfortable & very highly impressed, with the outstanding service & the new look I get each time. Always, I get compliments! even from customers at work even say, I have gorgeous eyelashes. I work in retail, so presentation of myself is always important! I wear less make-up & don't need to put on mascara. Overall, I have a natural look! I love the minks! Definately recommend it to anyone. Feels like normal lashes & easy to maintain. If you want to have beautiful, fuller lashes please go to Joy! You'll get hooked! She is always in such high demand. Book now! :)"
Raelene, (Eyelash Extensions Addict from Carindale)

"Okay, so I just wanted to give Joy from Brisbane Lashes a huge thank you for SAVING my lashes. I was a first timer in trying out eyelash extensions and made the mistake of going to the first place I saw which unfortunately ended up being H####### B##### and they almost completely ruined my lashes. It took about an hour after I had them for me to realize that I HATED them. The lashes were extremely uncomfortable and heavy, the fake lashes on my left side drooped and basically, I looked like a clown. The lashes pinched my eyelid skin and caused severe irritation to both eyes. 

In hindsight, going there was a HORRIBLE idea and you couldn't pay me to ever go back there again. After some research online, I decided to contact Brisbane Lashes and had the pleasure of speaking with Joy, I told her what happened and explained I was going overseas in 3 days for vacation. I asked if there was any chance she could fit me in before I was supposed to leave. To my surprise, she actually asked me come in that afternoon which happened to be a Sunday. After 2 hours of her removing the mess of horrible lashes I had and ALL of the glue, I was very relieved to see I still had my real lashes, PHEW! She completely TRANSFORMED my eyes and gave me the kind of lashes I had in mind all along. She was so careful and meticulous and skilled at what she did. I was so relieved to have someone who actually knew what they were doing working on my lashes. She fixed the disaster created by another salon and made my lashes look full and like I was wearing mascara, but they still looked natural at the same time. They felt completely weightless, and I immediately knew that this was what PROPER eyelash extensions were supposed to look and feel like. I cannot thank Joy enough for turning my horrible experience around and "saving" my eyelashes. She was so accommodating and professional. You can really tell she cares about giving each and every person the best lashes she can because it truly reflects in her work. This review is a couple weeks late because I've been in Europe. My eyelashes have held up pretty well by the way, and have made my makeup routine so much easier. A million thank you's go to Joy. She's definitely a lifesaver. She saved my vacation from being a disaster and helped me out more than she'll know. :)" 

Nikki, (San Francisco/Brisbane)

"Hi Joy, Just a quick THANK YOU! I have always wanted long, curly lashes and now I finally have them. You did an amzing job and I will definitely be back and next time I'll take my sister too. I had the half eye set done and I'm very happy with them. I highly recommend Joy as THE lash technician to go to.You're the BEST Joy!x"
Lee, (New Farm Lash Extension Addict)
"No Contest! Joy is the MOST amazing last technician around!! Do you want sexy lashes J-Lo style? Then go to Joy..... Do you want lashes to rival Kim Kardashian?? Go To Joy!! I have had so many lash sets done by others and they are no where close to the same league as Joy!! I would pay double what she charges to have her do my lashes, and as Anita mentions above, I have been stopped so many times by people wanting to know who did my lashes.... Joy, others may try to copy your business but no one can copy your skill. Thank you! X"
Alicia Prince, (Gold Coast Eyelash Extension Addict)
"I have been nothing short of thrilled with the services provided by Joy of Brisbane Lashes. I have consistently had eyelash extensions applied for the last 5 years, and have been to 5 different salons. My lashes from Joy always look fantastic, they aren't clumpy or wispy, and she does them exactly to my desired length and thickness. She is by far the most meticulous lash technician I have ever met (and trust me I’ve met a few)! To top it off, her lashes last far longer than any set I have previously had at any other salon. I am absolutely thrilled to find someone offering such a high quality service and product. I would highly recommend Brisbane Lashes!"
Jessica. H - (Coorparoo Lash Eyelash Extension Addict)
"I first got eyelash extensions from Joy about 1 year ago now and have certainly never looked back! Her amazing lashes have completely changed my confidence as I naturally have light eyelashes but after an hour at Brisbane Lashes I get transformed with long, black and curled natural looking extensions. Joy is also such a lovely woman which makes the whole experience really relaxing and amazing!!! She is very talented and her experience makes me look amazing! I have always been complemented by strangers on the wonderful the eyelash extensions look. I highly recommend Joy and her services especially Eyelash Extensions to anyone would wants to have an amazing new look."
Brooke Williams (Carindale Eyelash Extension Addict)

"Dear Joy,
I had an appointment with you and had Synthetic Mink lashes placed in
'Glam' on Tuesday 22/2/11. I had eyelash extensions placed by someone
else 5 days prior to my appointment with you, and I found them to be
terribly uncomfortable. They both looked and felt unnatural, and they
were like stiff, thick 'sticks'. I noticed them all the time, and each
time I blinked, I was aware of a scratching and pulling sensation.
However, as this was the first time that I had eyelash extensions, I
just assumed that this was how they were supposed to feel.
I came across your website, and had you remove the eyelashes and place
new ones. The ones you placed are amazing - they are very comfortable
and feel like normal lashes. I especially like the way you placed a
few different thicknesses and lengths, making them appear more
natural, which is exactly the look I was hoping for on my wedding day!
I don't even notice them except that so many people have gone out of
their way to comment on how big my eyes look, and how much of a
difference they make to my appearance. For someone who never wears
make up, to have comments like that is a nice little boost.
I just wanted to thank you for your time, and the care you showed in
listening to my needs and in removing the old lashes and applying the
new ones. You have made such a big difference, and I am very lucky to
have found someone as skilled and as professional as you! I look
forward to working with you for my wedding! However, they are so
comfortable that what started out as a one-off thing looks like
becoming a regular treat for myself!!! Both my mother and my sister
are very impressed with my new 'look', and they are also keen to have
extensions for the wedding!!
Thanks again and take care.

"Lashes do not come any better than the work that Joy does - I have been to four different styists and none of them compare to her. She is a perfectionist and such a professional. I get comments every single day about how stunning my eyelashes are and it makes me feel great. You will be absolutely amazed at the transformation and how confident and beautiful you feel after an appointment with Joy. Do yourself a favour and treat yourself, anything that makes you feel that good is worth it :-)" ~ Denise.M, Parkinson
"Hi Everyone! I have the Double Stacked Siberian Mink eyelash extensions by Joy and they are **AMAZING**.. I am so, so addicted and I look like a MOVIE STAR! SO many compliments! Thank you Joy! Lovely, polite, amazing service. Worth every dollar!xo"  ~ Jennifer.S, (Brisbane CBD Eyelash Extension Addict)
"TOTALLY Fantasic job JOY My eyelash extensions are FANTASTIC!! THANK YOU!! recommend you- so precise" Heather Thiele, (Eyelash Exension addict from the Gold Coast)
"You are fantastic Joy, so good at what you do and I am so appreciative for you fitting me in when you were so busy." Deborah.C, (Eyelash Extension Addict from Brisbane)
"Thank you so much Joy for your amazing work on my lashes! I can't believe I was that relaxed that I even fell asleep :) The eyelash extensions feel very comfortable and look fantastic. Mwa xxx" Becci. H, (Eyelash Exension addict from Kangaroo Point)
"I am so impressed with Joy, the owner of Brisbane Lashes. She is a genuine person and such a professional! I was so happy with both sets of lash exteneions from her, the mink set and the glam full set. Everyone compliments me all the time about my eyelashes and I felt that extra bit more special on my birthday recently having such great lashes. :) Before you try anywhere else, try Brisbane Eyelash Extensions! You will never go anywhere else that even compares in quality and service! Highly recommended. :)" 
Manille. G, (Eyelash Extensions Addict from Southbank)
"Joy, you are amazing!! After leaving your salon, I got stopped twice on the street by random women to tell me how gorgeous my eyes are! My eyelashes are divine. I can't live without you now! 100% addicted. I pick you over my hairdresser ;-) Joy is the BEST eyelash lady in town. I've even had other eyelash technicians marvel at the intricacy of her work. Synthetic eyelashes are great, but the minks are a MUST. So natural looking and easy to wear. LOVE your work Joy :-) xxx"
Anita.S,  (Eyelash Exension addict from Moggill)
"Hiii im sooo happy with my eyelash extensions Joy!! that even everyone in Sydney wants to to know where I got them done!!! They all love it!!! and think it's an awesome job!!! gotta come back to you soon!!"
Shella.C, (Eyelash Exension addict from Sydney)

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